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In addition to following your individual timetable, the Sixth
Form College provides an enrichment programme which
is a core part of the Sixth Form curriculum throughout the
academic year.
A range of enrichment activities and societies are available
for students to join. This includes a variety of sporting
activities, societies - including the popular feminist society,
and also incorporates links with organisations such as
Amnesty International. There are also many committees
for students to join with the aim of increasing student
participation and voice on subjects of interest, for example,
the charity week committee. Residential trips are also
regularly organised to the Cass Mountain Centre in Wales
for team building exercises. These enrichment activities are
designed to extend your education and personal growth
beyond the academic.
Enrichment also helps support students’ career aspirations
by providing the opportunity for you to gain relevant work
experience. These activities also enhance the impression
students give to future employers and are extremely
valuable when applying to University. In addition, the
programme helps to develop new interests and an
opportunity to have fun.
At the Sixth Form College we value the education of
our students as well as their personal and professional
development. The Sixth Form College has invested in
a range of activities to ensure students are ready for
life beyond Sixth Form, and University. You will develop
interpersonal and professional skills through workshops,
the careers fair, tailored work experience and support
from our external partners both from the business and
social world of work. If you are aspiring to study further
into medicine, we work with a range of Russell Group
Universities, and Oxford and Cambridge Universities to
help and guide you on your journey.
Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities
Careers and Work Experience
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